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We Supply Forest Products to Commercial Contractors and Manufacturers


We Stock the Broadest Variety of FSC®- Certified Forest Products for Immediate Order and Shipping

Our Mission


We make it easy to buy top quality FSC®-certified forest products that are great for the environment and human health, safeguard our forest ecosystems and support our customers’ initiatives for sustainability, stewardship, social responsibility and climate change mitigation. 

We help with submittals for green building programs, including LEED Green Building Certification and The Living Building Challenge.


We provide technical consulting on forest product purchases, both FSC and non-FSC, to help customers make the right purchases for function, quality and market value.

Our Leadership in Sustainability & Stewardship


We won an FSC® Leadership Award in 2018 for our pioneering efforts supplying FSC-certified forest products. Since 2000, our customers have trusted buying the brand of FSC-certified wood from us – the brand that will ensure we will forever have forests for everyone.

Associated Builders and Contractors (MN/ND) named our Chief Executive Officer, Diane Haugen, “2020 CONSTRUCTION WOMAN OF THE YEAR”. Diane is thrilled to be honored for our leadership in sustainability & stewardship of our wood & forests by connecting responsible users with responsible producers.

Finance & Commerce (MN) named Diane Haugen a finalist for their inaugural “TOP WOMAN IN CONSTRUCTION” Award in 2020. Diane is grateful to be recognized for our leadership in safeguarding forests through supplying FSC®-certified wood.

Certified Wood Products Inc. stocks a wide variety of forest products in a warehouse that is environmentally controlled.

We offer custom cutting and milling for rough carpentry packages. We provide finish carpentry packages.

Our staff has almost 100 combined years of experience in the forest products industry. Most of us grew up in the trades. Our technical and educational backgrounds in wood fiber and engineering enable our strong consulting expertise.

We work hard to be your long-term business partner so we can bring our accumulated knowledge to your projects.

Certified Wood Products Inc. supplies forest products that are certified according the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). These products will contribute credits under the LEED® Green Building system. These products are required in the Living Building Challenge™ projects and are the preferred certified forest product by many green building systems.

Our FSC products are immediately available, not too expensive, premier in quality and easy to buy.

Stewardship is more than growing enough wood. It is about how the forests are managed, how the local people are treated, and how wood is used to construct buildings that support a healthy planet. Certified Wood Products Inc. helps customers make buying decisions that are good for the environment and that are part of the stewardship solution.

When You Think FSC-Certified Wood … Think Certified Wood Products!

Certified Wood Products Inc. is a woman-owned business.


We stock a wide variety of forest products, many of which are certified according to the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®). Our goal is to make your sourcing of FSC®-certified and non-FSC®-certified wood pain free.


Our staff has over 100+ combined years of experience in the forest products industry.  Our technical and educational backgrounds in wood fiber and engineering enable our strong consulting expertise.

We assist with proper documentation for LEED™, The Living Building Challenge™ and other green building systems.


Whether you need a few pieces, mixed truckloads, multiple truckloads, or railcar loads, we deliver anywhere in North America.


We can ship internationally.

Think FSC®

We make it very easy to purchase cost effective, environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and third-party certified wood.

Expect from us, only high quality products, competitive prices and the utmost sensitivity to your high expectations. Purchasing our products with the FSC logo helps you do the right thing for our forests and your bottom line.

Contact Us


Please contact us to purchase forest products for function, quality and value.

Call us to answer any questions you have about FSC-certified forest products.

Brent Rowan in Sales: brent@certifiedwood.net

Dan Haugen in Sales & Purchasing: dan@certifiedwood.net

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